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Ben Woods is a familiar face on the Christchurch music scene having played in some of our favourite local bands (Wurld Series, Fran and Salad Boys). He's now gone solo and has released two singles that we're pretty big fans of. Read on to learn a bit more about Ben and have a listen to the playlist that he's put together for us!

I am... Ben Woods. I've lived in Christchurch my whole life. Spent a lot of time grovelling around the city playing in indie bands, now I'm living over through the tunnel and writing/recording on my own.

My idea behind the mix... Just looking through things I've saved over the last 3 or so years and throwing it all at the wall. A questionable mix between lo-fi bangers and slow-jams, from both NZ and abroad.

My favourite brands are... Opshop buys keep coming to mind. I recently got an Assembly Label linen shirt I'm very fond of. Have had a pair of vegan Dr Martens that have done the dash too. My flat mate got me a pair of McKinlay's with Last Footwear Company soles that I love. They make me feel like a saucy farmer.

My favourite spots in Christchurch... R.T.B., One of the world's greatest scenic walks. The bars where I get staff discount–Civil & Navel and Space Academy. Really good Sri Lankan spot on Colombo Street called Ceylon Kitchen run by this ice/margarine sculptor named Sudath. I went by there recently and it's all gone! Hoping he hasn't moved too far. (Editor's note: Ceylon Kitchen has moved to 173 St Asaph St.)

My fashion icons... David Byrne, Guy Picciotto, Mike Hadreas, sometimes Bruce Springsteen. Also my flatmate Allanah Kwant. She's deep in the fashion game so is often coming home with immaculate garments I find myself becoming very jealous of. I wouldn't spend eight hundred dollars on a pair of pants, but she's defo gotten the closest to convincing me.

My go to performance outfit... Either whatever is cosy or my 'big pants look'.

Listen to Ben's mix.

Keep up with Ben's new releases on Bandcamp

Watch Ben's latest video release here



Jan Power - Batrider

Some Things Last A Long Time - Daniel Johnston

Alaskan Shake - Nap Eyes

Shades of Lawn - Lower Plenty

Give Me Back My Man - The B-52's

Every Night I Die At Miyagis - Ariel Pink

Closed Caption Demo - Fugazi

Get it Together - Beastie Boys

Daytona Beach - Half Japanese

We're so Lost - Voom

Hope - Dirty Three

Cat on Tin Roof - Blonde Redhead

Landscape Painter - Gun Outfit

Scorpio 10 - Coolies

Either/ Or - Elliot Smith

The Races - Grouper

I Am The Cosmos - Chris Bell

Soft Sounds from Another Planet - Japanese Breakfast

Apple Bed - Sparklehorse

Secret for Julie - Eric's Trip

Satellite - Womb

Aviva - Michelle Gurevich

Citric Acid - Chris Knox

Is That All There Is? - John Parish, PJ Harvey

Fear Not Of Man - Mos Def

I Went to the Hospital - Cass McCombs

Mound - Wurld Series

As We Go Up, We Go Down - Guided By Voices

Shoplifting - The Slits

Supermarket - Opposite Sex

100 - Dean Blunt

Betty Rubble - Mykki Blanco

Never Gonna Sleep - Free Kitten

Spicy 103 FM - Junglepussy

Melbourne - Street Chant

Why I Chew My Sleeves - Pumice

Be My Angel - Mazzy Star

People - Silver Jews

Century - Big Thief

Mis - (Sandy) Alex G

In Heaven - Salad Boys

Why Keep On Breaking My Heart - Nina Simone

Saturday - Yo La Tengo

I Know It's True But I'm Sorry To Say - Violent Femmes

Spend a Lot of Time Wishing - Sarah Mary Chadwick

My Body - Perfume Genius

Rad stuff only.