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Spring newness from ~ A.P.C. ~ Penny Sage ~ Mina ~ Beams and more!!! Shop New Arrivals
Spring newness from ~ A.P.C. ~ Penny Sage ~ Mina ~ Beams and more! Shop New Arrivals


Local Mix 006 —
Imugi 이무기

Imugi or 이무기 are python like creatures which become dragons in Korean mythology. Imugi 이무기 is also a very talented duo from Auckland who make dance tracks that make us want to spin around the store. We got Carl and Yery from Imugi 이무기 to make us a playlist and answer a few questions;

We are

an electronic duo from Auckland! We've been making music together for about three years and released our first EP in October last year.
Our idea behind the mix...

these are just our favourite tracks from the past few years with a couple throwbacks in there for fun! We had a ton of fun making this mix <3
Our favourite spot in Christchurch

we haven't spent a lot of time in Christchurch but the highlight from our last trip was when we drove up to Hanmer Springs :)
A trend we’re really into at the moment

been getting into ambient music and house lately, also - baggy jeans :-)

Rad stuff only.