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New arrivals: Twenty-Seven Names, Garbstore, YMC, Wynn Hamlyn & more!
New arrivals: Twenty-Seven Names, Garbstore, YMC, Wynn Hamlyn & more!

Natural Incense - Palm Reader


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The fragrance of the incense is inspired by Silver Lake, LA. Each note dedicated to different sceneries in the city. The main note of humbly sweet ylang ylang evokes the palm trees lined up on the hills; the conflation of clear sunlight peeking through the trees and faint shadows is rendered by the crisp scent of clove. The magisterial beauty of urban sunset reflecting in windows and suffusing the daily lives of people—The elusive scent of lavender represents such warm aesthetic, complimenting the rest of the aromas.


- Indian Sandalwood -
Sandalwood found in Mysore, India. It is known to have antiseptic and aroma retaining properties with its soft subtle sweet scent.

- Fijian Sandalwood -
Fijian Sandalwood has a sour yet sweet and youthful characteristic scent. Blended the aroma to boost the scent of the Indian sandalwood.

- Cinnamon -
Cinnamon, with its distinctive sweet and slightly spicy scent, is used as a traditional herbal medicine to improve digestive health and many others. Cinnamon and sandalwood enhance the aroma of patchouli adding sweet softness to the accord.

- Patchouli -
In ancient times, Patchouli was believed to be a sacred therapeutic herb. It has a woody yet refreshing scent. It was originally used as a medicine in ancient India as it relieves tension and anxiety.

- Lavender -
Lavender works in benign harmony with other aromas, and balances the base note. The elegantly sweet scent lingers and gently embraces the rest of the notes.

- Ylang Ylang -
A starfish-shaped flower with yellow petals—ylang ylang—is known to be a natural aphrodisiac elixir that boosts estrogen levels. It has a sweet balmy scent.

- Vetiver -
A mesmerizing aroma released from the roots of Vetiver—the perennial bunchgrass of the family Poaceae—has a tusche-like smoky nuance that evokes the energy of earth. Vetiver is known to relieve poor circulation, stiff shoulder, fatigue, and muscle pain. It also has insect repellent properties, hence it can be used to keep bugs away.

- Clove -
The history of this exotic and spicy aroma goes back many centuries. It has been used as a natural remedy for upset stomach, bad breath, and cavities. The scent is pleasantly stimulating and refreshing.

- Borneol -
Borneol has a characteristic invigorating scent that is stimulating yet opulent and soft. It has insect repellent, antiseptic, and aroma-retaining properties. It creates a contrast and spices up the fragrance.

-  Burn time approx 20-30 minutes
- 30g

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Designed and made in Japan

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