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New Arrivals in-store and online ~ Penny Sage ~ Service Works ~ Kowtow ~ New Balance ~ and more!

Homestyle Magazine April/May 2023


Homestyle Magazine April/May 2023

MAKE PEACE — Curating comfort zones.

Words from the editor Alice Lines;

What brings you comfort when life changes quickly? I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the past few weeks as devastating back-to-back weather events have ravaged Te Ika-a-Māui/the North Island, robbing people of their loved ones, homes and livelihoods. Its been an abrupt reminder of the attention that desperately needs to be paid to the all-too-real issue of climate change. 

When I’m in need of TLC, I sometimes undertake a sort of Q&A with myself – not so much to provide answers to the existential threat as to bolster my emotional preparedness for what life throws at us. For me recently, that’s meant asking myself what I can do to genuinely nurture myself, then actively pursuing those activities. 

While editing the issue, I’ve also been uplifted by the creatives we’ve chosen to profile. There’s nothing quite like interviewing artists, designers and changemakers, and nodding along in agreement when they reveal what they’re passionate about. When designer Carina Webb candidly shared that the first collection from her newly established studio Frangere was informed by a tricky time in her life, I felt a surge of admiration for the way she moved herself forward. And when Kowtow creative director Marilou Dadat told me she wasn’t that fond of being in front of the camera by would “do it for Fairtrade cotton”, I knew this was woman who fiercely believes in making a difference. 

Even when there’s a lot going on in the world, it’s essential that we try to find moments of peace and calm amongst it all. Perhaps making yourself comfortable and reading this magazine will be that for you. 

Edited, designed, and published in New Zealand

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