Coffee Supreme Instant - Colombia

Coffee Supreme


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  • Coffee Supreme Instant - Colombia
  • Coffee Supreme Instant - Colombia

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Coffee Supreme Instant - Colombia

The best coffee when you can't have the best coffee.

Simply take the same quality coffee you've come to expect from Coffee Supreme, roast it, brew it, and freeze dry it, and you have Coffee Supreme Instant!

- 100% coffee
- No additives
- No fillers
- 7 packs a box

Sourced from Yacuanquer, Colombia

Instant coffee is a Kiwi invention, first patented by D. Strang of Invercargill, 1890. It has been a staple of backcountry huts, rural tea rooms, thermos jugs and Arcoroc mugs since ages ago. Coffee Supreme Instant adds a chapter to that story, allowing you to have the best coffee experience in those far-to-reach places where you couldn't before. 


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