Black Spice Candle - Platinum White

Curio Noir


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  • Black Spice Candle - Platinum White
  • Black Spice Candle - Platinum White
  • Black Spice Candle - Platinum White

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A reimagining of the candle and inspired by apothecary of yesteryear, Curio Glass is a range of individually handblown coloured glass candles. 

Each piece in the Curio Glass range is crafted in New Zealand, one at a time, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same, and are finished with a CurioNoir stamp reminiscent of wax seals of old. All candles tell an inspired story and are scented with a unique perfume created in Grasse.


CurioNoir uses biodegradable botanical wax and lead free cotton wicks. 

Our botanical wax is sourced from a sustainable plantation that sponsors the 

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Sandakan, Borneo.


Curio Glass candles burn for 55+ hours.


Platinum Milk Limited Edition Glass

All CN scents available in limited numbers in platinum pearl coloured glass with a unique motif stamped on the front.

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