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Studio visit with —
Lara & Claire

As summer comes to an open, so does the season of exciting new exhibitions. To celebrate we spent the afternoon dressing up with our friends Lara and Claire in their studio ahead of their exhibition Nice to Meet You opening at the Millfield Group Workshops on the 6th of November.


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Photography by Naomi Haussmann @nayhauss
Styling directed by Joshua Meredith @theoryof_nothing
Modelled by Lara Kate Marshall and Claire Turner in their studio

October 2020

I am...

Lara Kate Marshall     A multi-disciplinary creative from Te Tai o Poutini based in Ōtautahi.

Claire Turner    An artist, my main medium being oil paint and my expression being abstract. I am also an Executive Trustee for a charitable trust and a professional Director across a variety of industries.


Tell us about your upcoming exhibition...

Nice To Meet You is an exhibition of new oil paintings from both of us.

LKM    I'm quite excited to present my body of works as they are quite different to anything I've done before and are the result of experimentation during and post lockdown. I've never used oils before so thought I'd throw myself in the deep end and see what I could unearth.
I found this amazing renovated workshop in Sydenham and we are super lucky to have some rad sponsors on board i.e Zeffer Cider, The Bone Line wines, Cakes By Anna, Clarity Press and The Millfield Group.

CT    Nice to Meet You is an exploration of self through this body of work. I am focussed on emotive expression and motion in these works. It's the first time I've painted with complete disregard for what other people might think of my work, which has been fun.


What inspires your style of working

LKM    The sanctuary of my home on the West Coast, my Malay/Chinese heritage and the symbolism / brushstrokes found in ancient chinese art, classical mythology, the quest for self-integration, and the colour green is also very significant to me.

CT    My governance career means my days are always varied, information dense, and often very social. So when I'm in my studio it's a solitary time that I use to be introspective and recharge. I think this helps my work to be authentic and also provide critical balance to my days.


Favourite local spots in CHCH?

LKM    Hanging with the cuties at Caf Lab for their chilli scramble & blueb scones, swimming/sunning with mates at Rapaki, sifting through the 2nd hand sci-fi section at Edgeware Paper Back Centre and biking down to nab a Portugese tart from the OG Bohemian Bakery is always a win.

CT    I love Alfred wine bar, the botanic gardens, Rapaki beach, Pomeroys


If a package arrived on your doorstep from INF DEF what would be in it?

LKM    100% would be something Stan Ray...most likely a jazzy trouser to add to my Ray collection... and if I was feeling like a rich kid then it would be a set of natural toned mugs from Hasami Porcelain.

CT    Lonely lingerie. I love the brand and the way they make women feel — its not token, it's genuine

Rad stuff only.