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New arrivals: Twenty-Seven Names, Garbstore, YMC, Wynn Hamlyn & more!
New arrivals: Twenty-Seven Names, Garbstore, YMC, Wynn Hamlyn & more!

INF DEF At Home 01 —


Welcome to our place!
This series has been shot at home by the INF / DEF family, with the people closest to us and the things that bring us joy in our everyday lives. While, for the moment, we can't share the four walls of 246 High St with you, we'd love to invite you into the places that we've been spending our days. INF / DEF at Home is our way of making the most of a situation and reacquainting you with everyone who is behind, and in front of, our special store.

Part 1 is with our amazing dispatch and inventory manager Lissie! – Read her interview below


Photography by @lissssssiejane and her flatmates
Styling by @lissssssiejane
Modelled by Lissie and Heidi
Location Lissie and Heidi's flat

April 2020

Who are you?

    Hello! I'm Lissie, the dispatch and inventory manager at Infinite Definite. I'm usually the one wrapping up online orders, and writing you cute little notes. I also do an array of other behind-the-scenes admin jobs that I won't bore you with the details! Pictured with me you'll see my fave girl Heidi and my kitty cat Bruno.

What are your current favourite home comforts?
  • Puzzles - I'm a little bit of a geek, and a huge sudoku and code cracker fan.
  • Coffee made in the percolator - I haven't used my percolator in so long. For me, it's become a symbol of slow mornings, and simple joys. I just love the sight of the coffee making its first wee dribble out of the centre shaft. Oh my, it's brilliant!
  • My bedside crystal lamp - this one's a family heirloom, and it makes a delightful array of light on my walls at night.
  • My cat Bruno - pretty self explanatory this one. I mean, look at him.
  • My partner & flatmates; Heidi, Jack & George - these three have brought a whole lot of laughter to my days, from playing table tennis in the garage, making and eating dinner together, going for late night walks to the dairy, playing basketball down at the local park and of course watching some parks and rec.
What is a discovery or rediscovery you've made during this time?
    I have rediscovered that I'm a big ol' introvert. I have not missed having social events. A dream really.
I've also discovered I really enjoy making yummy, elaborate dinners now that I have more time. Often I'm lazy...I freaking love a frozen pizza and if you're looking for recommendations try the Pams and Woolworths ones! They're actually the best. Made in Italy and everything. I digress...what I'm trying to say is planning and making delicious dinners with Heidi has been a pleasant discovery!
Where do you look for inspiration or escapism?
    I look for inspiration outside, in poetry, prayer, books, music and surprisingly my instagram feed.
For escapism I watch Netflix, and retreat to my bed (sometimes I call it a womb...)
If a parcel arrived on your doorstep from INF / DEF,
what would you love to be in it?
    This is definitely the hardest question. I'd say top 3 right now would be...a pair of Veja's (maybe some Venturi's?), the Wood Wood Sunna Trousers (seriously so cool. I love them, I love them, I looooove them!), and a Baina Sage/Chalk towel set (mmmmm...).

Rad stuff only.