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New arrivals: Twenty-Seven Names, Garbstore, YMC, Wynn Hamlyn & more!
New arrivals: Twenty-Seven Names, Garbstore, YMC, Wynn Hamlyn & more!

INF DEF At Home 03 —


Welcome to our place!
This series has been shot at home by the INF / DEF family, with the people closest to us and the things that bring us joy in our everyday lives. While, for the moment, we can't share the four walls of 246 High St with you, we'd love to invite you into the places that we've been spending our days. INF / DEF at Home is our way of making the most of a situation and reacquainting you with everyone who is behind, and in front of, our special store.

Part 3 takes a peek into the flat bubble of Naomi, our amazing photographer! with her two flatmates Lara and Rhea – Take a look at their edit below!


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Photography by @nayhauss & Flatmates
Styling by @theoryof_nothing and @nayhauss
Modelled by Naomi @nayhauss, Lara @lkm_is_larakatemarshall and Rhea @

Location Naomi's Sumner flat

April 2020

Who are you?

    I am Naomi ( INF / DEF photographer ) and these are my flatmates Lara and Rhea who are also part time models.

What are your current favourite home comforts?

    We all have been enjoying a wee treat occasionally, whether it's a home made apple pie or a sip of Black Estate wines. Also, a lot of chill out time with books (Lara specifically loves a good fantasy novel) Rhea is still working full-time so she is enjoying a revolving office from dining room table to her desk in her room. We all get to enjoy my kitten, Meryl which you will probably see featured a lot in the coming weeks. She is a cuddly feline, although she is having her isolation moments also which can be interesting and makes for good in-house entertainment.

What is a discovery or rediscovery you've made during this time?

    I think I specifically have realised how much I enjoy getting outside and going for walks. I am so privileged to live near the ocean and be able to visit it almost every day. I normally am too busy or lazy and forget to take the time to appreciate where I live. We have all made it a bit of a ritual to go down to the ocean once a day.

Where do you look for inspiration or escapism?

    I have discovered a poet, Pádraig Ó Tuama so Ive been listening to a lot of him and reading a lot of long-form articles. We have also had a lot more movie nights as a flat and may or may not have succumbed to some terrible reality tv shows that will not be named.

If a parcel arrived on your doorstep from INF / DEF,
what would you love to be in it?

    Arrrghhhh I really want the Lonely Joan Crop - Teak (Photographed on lara) Rhea's would be the IDAĒ Predominant Dress and Lara's would be the same jumper that I want which may or may not be creating some tension haha

Ovna Ovich Kahlo Dress - Onyx Cotton Sateen

IDAĒ Predominant Dress

Penny Sage Duval Dress - Navy Check

Lonely Joan Crop - Teak

Apartamento Don Chadwick Photography & Marle Mimi Jumper - Black

Rad stuff only.