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Mid-Season Sale is popping off! 20-50% Off Select Styles* ~~ Plus don't forget about new arrivals instore and online!
Mid-Season Sale is popping off! 20-50% Off Select Styles* ~~ Plus don't forget about new arrivals instore and online!

INF DEF At Home 02 —


Welcome to our place!
This series has been shot at home by the INF / DEF family, with the people closest to us and the things that bring us joy in our everyday lives. While, for the moment, we can't share the four walls of 246 High St with you, we'd love to invite you into the places that we've been spending our days. INF / DEF at Home is our way of making the most of a situation and reacquainting you with everyone who is behind, and in front of, our special store.

Part 2 is a lil sneak peek into the lockdown life of our graphic designer and online store manager Daniel – Read his interview below.


Photography by @dshaskey and @holly_florence
Styling by @theoryof_nothing
Modelled by Daniel
Location Daniel & Holly's Home

April 2020

Who are you?

    I’m Daniel, I’m a most of the time graphic designer and sometimes book maker. I look after the digital side of Inf Def, and sometimes some physical stuff too! All the E-news, Instagram posts, website content, shop windows, etc. that’s me! It’s pretty rare to get me in front of the camera so It may or may not be your lucky day today!

What are your current favourite home comforts?

    I don’t usually get much of a chance to listen to my records at home, so lockdown has been a good way to slip them out and always have them spinning! For this edit I’ve put together a selection of my favourites to play when I need to take the edge off the whole situation.

  • Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon – I find this record really good when I need to get into a work rhythm, it’s just really easy to design cool stuff to!
  • Solange, A seat at the Table – I mean how could you not include it, it’s chill, it’s fun and it has an awesome cover.
  • Thom Yorke, Anima – I find this record super calming and transportive to listen to in the morning, plus it’s orange vinyl!
  • Beach House, Depression Cherry – Despite its name this record is really uplifting for me and I always want an excuse to touch it’s velvet sleeve.
  • Aldous Harding, Designer – The perfect album to calm your stress levels, I am obsessed with it!
  • Marlon Williams, Make way for Love – This is a great album to play into the evening, it’s got some real slow tunes, but also some real bangers, my favourite: Party Boy


What is a discovery or rediscovery you've made during this time?
    I’ve rediscovered that I find baking quite fun. It’s not something I do a lot of but I’ve really been liking having some banana muffins around. Just a shame there’s never any flour at the supermarkets…
Where do you look for inspiration or escapism?
    For me it’s definitely books, I came into the lockdown wanting to read heaps, but have ended up with less time than I thought I’d have so instead I’ve been rummaging through my bookshelf and writing mini reviews every day which you can read up on my publishing Instagram CP Books. Also, since some of my travelling plans have been postponed by the virus, I’ve been really enjoying the LOSTiN guides as a way of getting away without actually travelling!
If a parcel arrived on your doorstep from INF / DEF,
what would you love to be in it?
    It’s super tricky to single out only a few things. I’d definitely say a Hasami Teapot (The tall one for sure) Anything Satta (maybe a tee or crew) and probably a Type 75 Anglepoise lamp

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