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Kowtow Drop 4 for Spring/Summer 2019 has landed ~ Shop the optimistic and playful marigolds and bright whites now!
Kowtow Drop 4 for Spring/Summer 2019 has landed

Soapstone Tray - White Stone


Asili Soapstone Tray - White Stone

Fit: 15cm (L) 9cm (W) x 1.5cm (h)

Fabric: Soapstone

- Kisii soapstone is mined from family owned quarries in Western Kenya.
- Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that consists of the mineral talc, also commonly referred to as steatite, it is known for being soft and easy to work with.
- Communities within Kenya have been using soapstone for generations, for many families, the carvings are their primary source of income. Skills are passed down within families, some reaching three generations of carvers.
- Each piece is individually hand crafted, from start to finish within a fair trade environment

Made in Kenya

Rad stuff only.

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