Imperial Sencha Tea

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Noble & Savage Imperial Sencha Tea

The emperor of green teas, delicately sweet and smooth with a fresh cut grassy lingering aroma. A mild and subtle taste with pale hues, when brewed correctly this is a gentle and smooth drink. With lower caffeine, and more antioxidants, minerals and vitamins than black tea, this is a drink you can enjoy and feel good about drinking.

To get the perfect brew of green tea is simple, though often missed; getting the temperature and time just right. Many people find green tea too astringent because they are brewing their drink at 100 degrees celsius. Green tea is very delicate and needs cooler water. Brewing green tea at 80 degrees brings out completely different flavours, yielding a sweeter and much smoother brew with the complex flavours not overpowered by tannins.


- 1 slightly heaped tsp per 250ml

- Freshly boiled water, cooled to 80˚c (or add a bit of cold water to the bottom of your cup)

- Brew for 2 mins

- Serve clear or with honey

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