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Cyclades Vase Large - Black


MENU Cyclades Vase Large - Black

Finding its inspiration in the Louvre and moreover, the female idols of the Cycladic culture (a group of islands in the Aegean sea between 3200-2000 BC), the Cyclades Collection consists of a collection of vases in ceramic and glass – a fresh, new take on how to use materials that are often associated with the past. Exhibiting its ancient prowess, while still seeming familiar and modern, the Cyclades Collection acts as a beautiful and contemporary standpoint for all areas of the home, connecting with the user on a more primordial level.

Dimensions: H/26cm, Ø/14cm

Materials: Glazed ceramic

- Unique natural finish 
- Minimal classic shape
- Each vase has its own characteristics due to the shaping and compoisition when being fired in the kiln. Imperfections and unique surface markings tell a story of the material and glaze reaction in its final chaping. The objective of glazing and firing is to leave you with your own unique vase to enjoy for years to come.

Care instructions:
Normal dishwasher liquid can be used. For stains, please use a light soap such as dishwashing soap on a wet cotton cloth. We recommend using a cloth to dry, afterwards. Do not use any cleaners with chemicals or harsh abrasives

Designed in Sweden by Nick Ross / Made in China 


A little bit about the designer:

Nick Ross (1986) is a Scottish-Swedish, Stockholm-based designer with a penchant for scarce spaces that focus on the use of materials and light in a given expanse. His research centres on the complex repertoire of history, with a particular focus on ancient history, where he finds the factors with which to interpret the relationship between the user and contemporary design. Using storytelling as a pretext and applying a confidently critical approach, Nick is interested in investigating facts and happenings that have determined specific cultural balances. Every project comes from the desire to create ideal or real bridges between the present to that of the past.

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